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Pipeline Management

LNG and Gas Processing


Refining and Petrochem

Enhanced reliability and safety
Protect your oil and gas plant from security risks through redundant architectures, distributed control systems, and insight and training for critical systems.

Efficient day-to-day operations We empower simplicity to manage oil and gas plant operations through ease of use, scalability, and secure standards-based integration.
Accelerated IoT connectivity
Our information management solutions provide better outcome management, improved asset performance, and superior operations and execution.

Integration of sustainability We ensure efficiency and sustainability by helping you define a strategy, implement efficiency plans, and monitor performance for optimized operations.

EcoStruxure™ for Oil and Gas

Discover all EcoStruxure™ architectures

Discover software for Oil & Gas

Achieve more with dedicated software for offshore and onshore operations from the global leader in engineering and industrial software.

Greener Oil Strategies for Sustainability and Profitability

This white paper reveals concepts to increase sustainability performance with existing strategies and operations to improve profitability in the near and long term.
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